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A Circle of Generosity SURVEY RESULTS    

MISSIONS: (see Mission Partners Brochure)

Session Elders - Tom Lafontaine and Mary Finch
Deacon Liaison - Rick Johnson

  • Local and Global Missions Team
  • Special Projects and PCUSA Offerings Team
  • Earth Care Team - Karen Ray
  • Compassion, Peace, and Justice Team - Mike Rugh, Chairperson


Deacons: Kathy Rabe, Diane Terlep, Rick Johnson, Ron Brandt, Cheryl Lilly, Nancy Blakely, Sharon Ray,
    Connie Rasmussen, Allison Larsen, Cindy Harvey, Laurie Jensen, Sue Neuschel
Deacons Moderator - Rick Johnson
Vice Moderator/Care and Assistance - Sue Neuschel
Communications (Recording Secretary) - Sharon Ray
Fellowship - Kathy Rabe, Cheryl Lilly, Nancy Blakely
Caring Card ministry - Allison Larsen
Greeters (worship services) - Diane Terlep
Coffee and Cookies - Cindy Harvey
Welcoming Ministry - Ron Brandt
Special Events/Receptions - Laurie Jensen
Funerals/Memorial Services - Connie Rasmussen     Memorial Services Guidelines
Other Group Coordinators:
    RCLPC 1+ Options Group - Sue Neuschel and Karen Leuchtmann
    Tuesday Morning Book Group - Sharon Ray
    Men's Breakfast Group - Rick Pohl and Jim Bauman
    Mission Team Deacon representative - Rick Johnson


Session Elder - Deb Steele
Music Ministry - Sherri Dees
Greeters - Diane Terlep     Greeter Instructions
Ushers - Dan Terlep     Usher Instructions
Liturgists - Lynn Stange
Communion Preparers & Servers (Elders only) - Dave Steele     Communion Instructions
Communion Supplies - Ann Poremba
Video and Taping - Tom Lilly
PowerPoint - Sarah Kelewae
Worship Enhancement Team - Kristi Geggie, Connie Rasmussen, Sue Neuschel, Fred Neuschel, Paula Ekstrom
Wedding Coordinators - Kristi Geggie, Dawn Gilman, and Adriena Bessant       


Session Elders - Al Popp, Patrick Cameron, Rylan Sanders
Youth Ministries Coordinator - Raechel Sowa
Sunday School Teacher Coordinators - Karen Nelson and Allison Larsen
Vacation Bible School Coordinator - Pam Palmer
Middle School Teacher - Dawn Gilman
High School Teacher - Eric Nelson
Confirmation - Raechel Sowa
Middle School Youth Group - Paula and Brandon Viner
High School Youth Group - Tom and Pepper Lafontaine
Adult Education - Al Popp and Jim Bauman


Session Elder - Mike Harvey
Wednesday Warriors - Lou Rabe, Steve Connell, Fred Neuschel, Ed Waters, Jac Kelewae, Dave Steele
      Property Usage Guidelines    Custodial Procedures    Emergency Closure Procedures
Grounds Maintenance - Lou and Kathy Rabe
Time Files:   January     February     March     April     May     June     July     August
                    September     October     November     December


Session Elders - Janet Kvam-Holub
Clerk of Session - Lee Ekstrom
Personnel - George Steffen


Session Elders - Mike Griswold, Mary Finch, Mike Harvey
Pastor - John Dillon
Treasurer - David Woodruff


Session Elder - Pam Palmer
Team Members: Al Popp, Chris Pickett, Cindy Theobald, Fred Neuschel, Jac Kelewae, Janet Kvam-Holub, Kathy Rabe, Lee Ekstrom, Lou Rabe, Steve Connell


Session Elders - Laurie Pohl, Cindy Theobald, Bruce Randall
Facebook - Steve Connell
Website - Kim Stewart


Laurie Pohl, Lou Rabe and Lori Thompson


Session Elders: Cindy Theobald and Pam Palmer
Deacon: Kathy Rabe
Class of 2017: Connie Rasmussen and George Steffen
Class of 2018: Dorothy Vick and Scott Iddings


President: Tom Lafontaine
Vice President: Pam Palmer
Treasurer: David Woodruff
Secretary/Clerk of Session: Lee Ekstrom
Financial Secretary: Laurie Jensen