Men's Breakfast Group...
Meets first Saturdays at 8am at Colonial Cafe in Crystal Lake... Please join us for fellowship and great discussion.

Women's Bible Study
We meet the second and fourth Thursdays at church from 10:00 AM to Noon. Questions? Contact the group coordinators, Kathy Rabe or Deb Steele. Please join us!

Tuesdays Book Group...
Please join us at 10am each Tuesday morning in the Lounge at RCLPC to study and share fellowship together.

EDUCATION FOR ALL AGES - Sunday Mornings at 10am
... Engaging our heads, hearts, and hands as we grow in Grace
Sunday School Registration Form

Youth Information and Medical History
Release Forms and Covenant of Conduct

God Squad Sunday School Notes...

Hello and welcome to The God Squad (aka: The Squad). The Christian Education Team has been busy planning an exciting new education hour that is going to be full of great lessons, activities and spiritual growth. The teachers look forward to being with your child as they learn together about our faith and God's word. Regular Sunday school meets weekly from 10:00 to 10:50AM. Classes are divided as follows: PD; Preschool through 5th grade; FBI: middle school, and our high school students will be part of the CIA.

We will continue to use the Spill the Beans curriculum for our Sunday school this year. This curriculum follows the narrative lectionary which is the guide for our weekly worship time. It is our hope by learning the story in worship together and then building on that lesson in our classroom, parents will be able to continue the conversation at home. Check it out:

Sunday Morning Faith Encounters:

Our Adult Education class is being re-named as "Faith Encounters," which I believe better reflects the purpose of that learning opportunity. We try to vary the subject to cater to different interests and during September and October there will be two classes offered:

  • Our Christian Ed. Team will be launching a "Season of Kindness." This will be a whole church challenge to learn how simple everyday acts can show Christ's love.
  • Pastor John will be leading a book discussion on "The Presbyterian Controversy." This deals with the 1922-36 crisis between Fundamentalists, Modernists and Moderates over Biblical interpretation, Darwinism, the church's role in politics and how to educate pastors. This crisis almost destroyed our denomination and the compromises and decisions made formed the church we have today.
Anyone from 15-95 is invited to join our lively and informative discussions in the Lounge, week by week at 10:00-10:45AM. Come to one or come to them all! Watch our weekly announcements for exact dates and more details.
The Christian Education committee beginning the week of September 30th will be kicking off A Case for Kindness. For 6 weeks (~40 days) you may pledge to be a part of something magical and deliberately share kindness with others. Don't worry - kindness doesn't take long; the effect will long outlast the time it takes. Examples of Kindness:
  1. Write a letter of appreciation to someone who impacted your life.
  2. Make dinner for a friend.
  3. Take a bottle of water to someone working outside on a hot day (or hot chocolate on a cold day).
  4. Tape a sandwich bag of coins to a vending machine or parking meter.
  5. Take in your neighbor's trashcans after trash pickup.
During these six weeks we will focus on being stewards of kindness and how SMALL things can make a BIG difference, and at 10AM in Squad Room 2, you will get to hear from different congregational members as they share their stories and discuss the book A Case for Kindness. The children will have their own kindness opportunities in Sunday School, too. Be on the lookout for info on how you can be involved.

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